Terrance Williams
CMO and President of Emerging Businesses

Nationwide CMO Terrance Williams on The Essence Of Leadership

When I spoke with Terrance Williams, CMO and President of Emerging Businesses of Nationwide, I immediately fell into a Zen zone. His reassuring, calm, confident tone had me hypnotized and I just had this feeling that no matter what would happen, it would all be ok.

About halfway through our session together, after one amazing answer to my questions after another, I had to ask, “Can you tell me about something that didn’t work?”  Even then, Terrance had a brilliant answer about some mistakes he made early in his career which helped him reshape his path to become the effective leader he is today.

Terrance is, hands down, a fantastic role model for anyone looking to polish their leadership skills. He has a very special gift that combines authority from credibility, connectivity from compassion, clarity from articulation, and confidence from vision.  Furthermore, he’s generous and gracious as he offers up all his tips, tools and lessons in this very informative episode.

Tune in to hear more on how a young boy who wanted to be in Insurance (it's true!) became one of Forbes’ World’s Most Influential CMOs in 2017 and President of Emerging Businesses for Nationwide.  Maybe his next move should be President of a nation?