Seth Farbman
Chief Marketing Officer Spotify logo

Spotify CMO Seth Farbman on Belief Systems, Authenticity and Bravery

For my very first recording of CMO Moves, I couldn’t have picked a better guest. Seth Farbman, CMO of Spotify, is not only a fun, inspiring and engaging CMO, he’s also a podcaster “in training” and he leads a brand that knows a thing or two about podcasts! Instantaneously, Seth and I kicked off comparing notes on what we thought a podcast should be and we very quickly landed unanimously on authentic.

Seth is authentic with every fiber of his being. He embraces vulnerability and is driven by his belief systems and sense of service to something bigger than himself. The way in which he’s applied that as former CMO of Gap Inc and current CMO Spotify is truly remarkable in that he defines his success as a leader via the success of his team and the true value he can provide to his customers.

With that comes skillful balancing of the infamous “art and science” and a willingness to accept that we all need help sometimes. Seth’s approach to ensuring everyone on his team has the opportunity and confidence to bring their best selves to work everyday is an exemplary model for any leader.

The story of an accidental marketer and what’s food got to do with this anyways? Tune in to find out…