Leslie Berland
Chief Marketing Officer and Head of People

Twitter CMO Leslie Berland on Leading with Impact

Leslie Berland, CMO and Head of People of Twitter, knows a few things about leading with impact.  In fact, her entire career has been about leading with impact whether for the companies she passionately serves or taking a stand personally to represent and support communities she believes need a platform.  The results from her leadership at American Express and now Twitter clearly speak for themselves and she shook the world stage earlier this year at CES when she changed the discussion forever.

Leslie is the first person to say, “it wasn’t me, it was a team of people.” And indeed, as both CMO and Head of People of Twitter, Leslie is all about empowering others to lead.  Her approach on how she assembled her leadership teams and fosters an innovative, unified culture driven by purpose is a great blueprint for all companies, brands and leaders today.

Join us in this incredible discussion about taking on new roles, creating leadership teams, uncovering purpose, establishing platforms, laying the right foundation to attract career-changing personal sponsors, creating relationships with mentors and as a mentor, learning from everyone around you and having an impact.