Kieran Hannon
Chief Marketing Officer

Belkin CMO Kieran Hannon on Curiosity, Agility And Mentorship

Kieran Hannon, CMO of Belkin International, is one of the most dedicated mentors I’ve ever met, selflessly providing support and guidance to so many different parties around the world, including me.  His never-ending curiosity and agile mindset has him constantly looking outside his own organization for inspiration and volunteering his time to help further organizations he sees as highly complementary to his own efforts or where he simply shares a passion.

Within Belkin, he applies that same curiosity and agility to fuel not only the brands, but his teams.  Dedicating 30% of his time to mentoring his team, he encourages everyone to take on something new even if they fail, as failing is part of the learning process.  And with Agile Marketing, the beauty is you can fail fast and then apply the learnings literally overnight to improve the product on the fly.  The outcome is a better product, and more importantly, a foundational learning experience for all.

Kieran’s approach has led Belkin International to greatness, winning countless awards along the way and delivering outstanding consumer products such as BelkinLinksysWeMoPhyn which all come together to help consumers better enjoy their lives, freeing them from technology demands and saving resources.  In fact, Kieran himself just won the Valiente Award yesterday at SXSW for his outstanding ability to “Connect”, “delivering meaningful customer experiences seamlessly across channels”.

Join us in this fun conversation about leadership, technology, team work, mentoring, staying current and drinking beer from a boot!

Update: In January 2019, Kieran gave us a special tour of the Belkin booth at CES in Las Vegas with fast charging, instant screen overlays, WEMO Mini and more.