Jerome Hiquet
Chief Marketing Officer

Tough Mudder CMO Jerome Hiquet is the Guardian Of Purpose And The Orange Blood

Jerome Hiquet, CMO of Tough Mudder, shares the incredible mission and journey of this young company being “Tougher Together” and impacting millions of lives. As Chief Marketing Officer, Jerome has all the traditional marketing responsibilities as well as the extended responsibilities of Revenue and Culture to ensure that the company’s purpose is protected while expanding into new territory.

Speaking of territory, Jerome shares what has to be one of the most grueling interview processes I’ve heard of to-date that earned him his role over the course of 20 obstacles in the mountains of Colorado. Say what? Yes, it’s true, to be part of Tough Mudder, you need to live and breathe Tough Mudder because it isn’t just a race, it’s a way of life and purpose that brings everyone together.  It’s all about teamwork, overcoming challenges together and feeling that orange blood – to match your soon-to-be earned orange headband – pumping through your veins!

Love this brand and everything it represents. The mission translates to so many important life and work lessons that we cover throughout the podcast, to include leading teams, culture fit over skill fit, interview processes, brand expansion, customer experience and more.

And yes, it’s official now. I am committed to doing Tough Mudder myself…yikes!  Jerome makes me an offer in our session that I can’t refuse and so it’s on!  We just need to find a date now...