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How Rebecca Minkoff Turned One Bag Into A Lifestyle Brand

One night in Cannes, I found myself sitting across the dinner table from Rebecca Minkoff, Designer and Founder of Rebecca Minkoff, a global fashion brand. As one would expect, Rebecca looked fabulous in one of her personally designed dresses.  Me, not so much, so I was envious with admiration, to say the least. Over the course of dinner, I got to learn a lot about Rebecca and was blown away by many things, I just had to ask her to be a guest on CMO Moves.

In the 15 years that Rebecca has been building the Rebecca Minkoff fashion brand, she has worn many hats, including acting CMO until such a time where she decided it was critical to hire a CMO to take over and expand the marketing efforts. As we were talking about consumers and their experience, her efforts to connect on an emotional level, the limitations of simply leaning on PR for growth and her vision for social media, I thought, she is indeed a marketer as well as a founder. But the leader in her made the executive decision to hire someone else to lead her brand, her name, her product that she built by hand, literally.

In this episode, we go deep into her journey and her decision process to hire a CMO. We also explore what Rebecca is up to now, having established the Female Founder Collective, a powerful network to support female-founded businesses, now with 5,000 companies on board and the FFC seal on over two and a half million products. She also created and hosts the Superwomen podcast to bring voices from all industries – like Bozoma Saint John, Pattie Sellers and Katie Couric – into the mix to share the human stories about what they’ve lived through to become the leaders they are today.

"Why aren't there more female founders being uplifted or talked about?" - Rebecaa Minkoff

And if that wasn’t enough for this mom of three to tackle, you can add education to the list as well.  Soon, Rebecca will launch a comprehensive education program to help women learn how to succeed in business, with topics like when to take VC money, when to hold your course, and how to make better financial decisions.

How does Rebecca do it all? Well, she definitely doesn’t do it all herself. Her best advice is to have the right team around you at work, in life and at home.  Tune in to hear Rebecca’s inspirational journey to success and beyond.

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