Ty Shay, Global CMO of Norton LIfeLock
Ty Shay
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How Norton LifeLock Global CMO Ty Shay Tackles Cybersecurity through Performance Storytelling

"I have a really weird background for a marketer..." As I sat with Ty Shay, hearing about his career path—from Wall Street to P&G to launching Hotwire.com to now, Global CMO for one of the largest Cybersecurity companies in the world—I was reminded that sometimes taking the not-so-obvious path gets you to exactly where you should be.

On this episode, Ty and I discuss the challenge of balancing the art of telling effective brand stories with the measurement science of customer engagement - something he refers to as "performance storytelling". And when it comes to protecting more than 50 million customers from growing cyber crimes, Ty believes using "fear is a very limited way to attract customers", despite the behind-the-scenes action of cyber warfare looking close to what you see in the movies.

Ty's continued to find success by having an appetite for risk-taking (and finding companies who do too) throughout his career. He says it's all about experimenting, learning from what doesn't work and doubling down on what does. For Ty, this includes founding a sports social network start-up (back when mySpace was still a thing) that failed despite having 12 million users.

We also discuss Ty's passion for sports, the difference between pursuing your passion and pursuing what you're good at, and why he says you should never try to be the first marketer for a consumer-driven start-up. Aim for second or third...