Eric Toda
Head of Marketing

Gap Inc. Launching a Secret New Brand Today!

Eric Toda, Head of Marketing at Hill City, the newest brand at Gap Inc., just announced the launch of Hill City…today! I had the great honor of being able to sit down with Eric to get the inside scoop on what is Hill City and how this came to life. Over zoom video last Friday, I also got to see the logo, the product, the brand as Eric sat sharing his story from the Gap Inc. Boardroom beaming from ear to ear. Since we captured it all on video, there are some great clips for you to watch on YouTube to hear and see more from Eric himself.  Here are some of the topics we covered:

Speaking of his GM, Noah Palmer, I also had the pleasure of interviewing him on Zoom video later that day!  Have a look at some of these clips, where I talk to Noah about what exactly is Hill City, why did Gap launch a Men’s brand, what’s it like to build a new brand inside of Gap, how he built his team, and, of course, what he thinks of Eric?

But let’s come back to Eric, because I couldn’t be more excited for him and his shining moment today after building Hill City in secret for a year! He is an avid champion of digital marketers everywhere, constantly experimenting and connecting the dots between digital and human and purpose.  With an impressive runway of digital leadership roles at Facebook, Nike, Snapchat and Airbnb, there is no doubt there is a lot to learn from how Eric approached this opportunity to build and launch a new brand with the support of Gap Inc.  I’m thrilled to share his journey and tips on CMO Moves.