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2019 Innovation Watch List

In today’s very special edition, and final episode of CMO Moves 2018, I'm bringing back three past guests who I chatted with earlier this year on CMO Moves to find out how things have been going since we last checked in. Also, since all three of these guests sit on our Innovators Council, I thought it'd be a good time to ask them what they think the hottest trends will be in 2019.

Starting with Eric Toda, Head of Marketing at Hill City, the latest new brand from Gap, Inc., we will find out how things have been going since they launched on September 20, 2018.  Eric takes us deep into the world of how this first digital-only Gap brand is harnessing all the powerful new insights they are getting in real-time from customers to continuously optimize the customer experience.  Eric also shares what new tactics they are sampling and what to expect from Hill City in 2019 to capitalize on their learnings and take advantage of the latest trends.

We then head over to Denmark to check in with Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Digital Officer of IKEA.  When we recorded her CMO Moves podcast six months ago she was only two weeks away from starting her new role and was already excited about all the things she’d be doing with IKEA.  Barbara shares more on the digital transformation journey she’s been leading and what surprises she’s had along the way at IKEA from both a cultural and values standpoint.  Barbara then shares her vision for what she thinks will be hot in 2019 and why.  You won’t want to miss her take on Blockchain, Phygital and how to center around emotional human needs.

Finally, we head back to LA to chat with Kieran Hannon, CMO of Belkin International. Belkin was recently acquired by Foxconn, Hon Hai, which produces about 40% of the world’s electronics.  A natural fit for the conversation, Kieran shares why he’s excited about CES coming up and his guidance for what to look for if you’ll be at CES this year.  Kieran also shares two trends to watch in 2019 and one important plea for the industry, which, if implemented, would help to earn back consumer trust in brands.

I cannot thank enough everyone of my guests from 2018 for sharing their incredible stories and tips for success this year.  Also, thank you so much for all your kinds notes and encouragement along the way.  We have a lot in store for you in 2019 and look forward to the continued sharing of great tips and helping each other grow as marketers and leaders.

From myself and my wonderful team, Heide Palermo and Julian Gamboa-Ramos, we wish you a wonderful holiday and cheers to your 2019!