Wal-Mart, the Social Network Giant.

Everyone knows of the giant social networks out there. Massive entities that need no introduction and have one word names like Facebook, Twitter, or Cher. I have begun seeing these […]

History Will Not Judge Social Media.

Like many of you I have been amazed by the news I read today of historians being able to reproduce a sound captured on paper from 1860. The play back […]

This Old Social Media.

I used to think building a social media profile was like building a house. First you started with a strong foundation that is your real world identity and then began […]

Being Someones Social Media Sherpa

I have a great life, I am in a profession I love and I get to help people do their best. I help people navigate the world of social media […]

Staying Out of The Woods So I Can See The Trees.

Wow, the past few post I have written have generated some amazing traffic. People have been reading my post and talking amongst themselves. Nothing makes me feel better than knowing […]

Twitter: Too Good for its Own Good?

I am a Twitter lover, I often tweet about where I going, who I am meeting, and what I am doing. I enjoy the conversations I have and have made […]

All Your Friends Are Doing It…

Wow, my mother would be proud I am taking her threats and using them in my daily life. I never really understood how foolish the logic ‘all your friends’ argument […]

I Am Sorry Virginia… There is More to Marketing Than a Blog.

I don’t know when it happened, much like people thinking the world was flat, the concept that a blog is an end all solution to marketing has become prevalent in […]

Playing the Blog Market

Blogs are strange entities; some people make a killing at them and some plod along blogging for fun. Talking with some friends last night I had a revelation about how […]

Can I See Your Blog Pass?

Creditability is something everyone strives for. We attend classes, gain certificates, become licensed and pretty much find any way possible to lend legitimize what we do. The traditional media have […]