Mark Miller

Vacation Destinations Lure Tourists With Creative Social Campaigns

Just convincing consumers to travel to the local mall is enough of a challenge. Enticing them to lay out a chunk of change to travel to your city for vacation is on a whole other level. But marketers are finding some creative, often socially driven ways to lure travelers to such ports of call as Los Angeles, New Orleans and Las Vegas.

Which World Cup Sponsors Are Resonating With Fans?

As the World Cup quickly approaches, brands are pouring millions into showing the world that they love and understand soccer that much more than their competitors. But are fans listening, particularly to the ones that signed on to be official sponsors of the event?

‘Dollars Spent’ Is So Biz 1.0

I’ve overheard colleagues whining over the lack of Internet media spending, given that 80 percent of the population is on the Web and spend considerable time there. They keep looking […]