Which World Cup Sponsors Are Resonating With Fans?

Omnicom breaks down the social love

As the World Cup quickly approaches, brands are pouring millions into showing the world that they love and understand soccer that much more than their competitors. But are fans listening, particularly to the ones that signed on to be official sponsors of the event?

Adidas is doing everything it can to protect its most-coveted soccer-playing market from getting consumed by Nike. According to exclusive data from Omnicom Media Group that was gleaned from more than 3 million posts on Twitter, Facebook and blogs across the globe in 10 languages during the last week of May, Adidas was the top sponsor receiving attention in World Cup-related posts, dominating the list with 60 percent of sponsor mentions. The German company received attention in 23,094 posts, though only 58 percent of them were positive. (See chart below.)

“Passion is intrinsically tied to the sport of soccer, so the brands that will activate the best and stand out from the clutter are the ones that will be able to connect emotion motion and creativity to their brand identity,” Josh Farber, account director at OMG’s Optimum Sports.

Budweiser was the second most-talked about sponsor, but it was only mentioned in 3,740 posts. Hyundai and German automotive manufacturing company Continental AG scored perfectly, though neither one of them was mentioned in more than a thousand posts. Brands are no doubt expecting sponsor mentions to rise exponentially during the actual event.

Brand Positive Negative
Adidas 58% 42%
Budweiser 64% 36%
Coca-Cola 57% 43%
McDonald's 63% 37%
Sony 80% 20%
Visa 51% 49%
Hyundai 100% 0%
Emirates 78% 22%
Kia Motors 50% 50%
Continental AG 100% 0%


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