Ed Lamb

Smoking Ad Exhibit Traces Message Shift From Pro to Con

A Yale University library exhibition of pro- and anti-tobacco advertising that chronicles the 180-degree shift in efforts to shape U.S. public opinion on the benefits and risks of cigarette smoking may foretell the future for electronic cigarettes.

Survey: Only 1% of Moms Will Use Twitter for Back-to-School Shopping

Marketers banking on Twitter to target moms with back-to-school offers this year may be throwing away their advertising budgets, according to a new study from PunchTab.

ESPN Launches College Football Playoff Hype in Preseason

ESPN is hard at work, creating buzz for the inaugural year of the College Football Playoff (CFP).  

Gmail’s Unsubscribe Button Could Be a Huge Blow to Email Marketers

How many times have you wanted to unsubscribe from a commercial email list but didn't want to scroll all the way to the bottom of a message and then have to click through to an opt-out landing page that would ultimately require you to click a few more times? Too many times to count, right?

Facebook Outage Points to Importance of ‘Dark Social’

Depending on which metrics one considers, the two-hour Facebook outage on Aug. 1 signaled a potential disaster for other websites or survivable inconvenience.

Programmatic Marketing Expands Overseas

A recent survey conducted by Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that 98 percent of U.S.-based companies relied on machine-to-machine ad buys and display algorithms, and this is true for 72 percent of companies operating primarily in countries where English is not the primary language.