Nude Miley Does Nearly 20 Million Views in 1 Day Video for Wrecking Ball explodes on YouTube

Miley Cyrus practically made Vevo's servers blush.

The twerking songstress debuted her latest video Wrecking Ball on Vevo yesterday. Just 24 hours later, the clip, in which a nude Cyrus straddles a ball and chain and smooches a sledgehammer, had delivered 19.3 million views—a new Vevo record.

That tops the previous Vevo record-holder, One Direction, which generated 12.3 million views in 24 hours for its video Best Song Ever, in July. One Direction's record actually topped Cyrus' previous video hit , We Can't Stop (incidentally, that's the one she performed at the VMAs that caused such a stir). Released in June, We Can't Stop reached 100 million views on Vevo in just 37 days.

It will be interesting to see what Miley wears next month when she hosts Saturday Night Live.

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