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Gold Digger Prank Nabs 18 Million YouTube Views in a Week Motorboarding for breast cancer, Aquaman round out VideoWatch ranker

Kanye would be proud. Prankster comic Roman Atwood got some innocent female passerby good. In this clip from Vitaliyzd, the cheesy shirt-wearing Atwood asks a woman out, only to be rejected. But once she sees his sport cars, she reconsiders—only to get punked. The slightly-mean brand generated a whopping 18 million views in a week, according to the latest data from VidIQ.

Also scoring this week on the VideoWatch/VidIQ YouTube chart is a video promoting Breast Cancer Awareness that embraces the fine art of motorboating (see Vince Vaughn's explainer) and Ryan Higa imagines an Aquaman movie. Check it out:

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