AwesomenessTV Launches Long-Form Music Series Partners with Universal Cable on music video-infused teen drama

Side Effects

AwesomenessTV has launched Side Effects, a long-form series about a teen whose hallucinations take the form of music videos.

The show is said to be inspired by the huge YouTube phenomenon of creators covering popular music. Based on the preview clip, the show's lead, 16-year-old Whitney Connolly, fantasizes about her life mirroring music videos—set to songs by the likes of Ke$ha, Pink, and Taylor Swift.

AwesomenessTV has partnered with Universal Cable Productions on Side Effects; sister company Universal Music Group is producing a related soundtrack featuring songs from the show which will be available for sale on the Web.

Episodes of Side Effects are 42 minutes long, putting the series in range of dramas from the CW and ABC Family rather than the typical AwesomenessTV fare (think short burst series like IMO). However, AwesomenessTV, which was acquired by Dreamworks in May, has experimented with scripted material—including the soapy drama The Runaways.

"We are convinced that YouTube will become a new launching pad for long-form television style content, said AwesomenessTV CEO/ founder Brian Robbins. 

Besides AwesomenessTV, Side Effects will be distributed across the globe on various platforms, including VOD.

Among Side Effects' stars are top YouTubers Chester See and Taryn Southern; the lead role is being played by actress Meg DeLacy. Songs that will be featured on the show include Ke$ha’s “C’Mon" and Pink’s “Try.”

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