‘WSJ’ Launches SeenThis?

NEW YORK The Wall Street Journal is launching SeenThis?, an application that lets social-network users view and share stories from WSJ.com.

Using SeenThis?, members of Facebook and eventually various other social networks will be able to receive notifications on content their friends are reading or sharing while logged into those sites or visiting WSJ.com. Those users can then check out those articles themselves for free (without having to leave their networking site of choice), and share them with others. For example, a user might receive a notice of the top five articles read by members who attend his or her college. Loomia developed the application.

For WSJ.com, which has employed Loomia’s technology since last summer, SeenThis? is aimed at yielding new readers, while also increasing time spent with the site’s content.

“Recommendations from friends are an effective way to fuel discovery and sharing of content that matters most to people,” said Daniel Bernard, general manager of WSJ.com. “This application not only extends our brand and content to new audiences in large social networking sites, but also deepens on-site engagement by bringing those communities directly to WSJ.com.”

Also on the digital front, the paper has announced the launch of Environmental Capital, a new blog that looks at the business side of the green movement. Journal reporter Keith Johnson and environmental news editor Jeffrey Ball will serve as the new blog’s editorial leadership