Sheen, Two and a Half Men Returning in February?

It looks like hit CBS Monday night sitcom Two and a Half Men will return from hiatus at the end of February with four more episodes, before wrapping for the season, according to sources.

And while numerous outlets are reporting that development as fact (including The Hollywood Reporter and The Los Angeles Times,) there’s still no confirmation from CBS or the program’s producer Warner Bros. Television. At deadline, both companies were still keeping mum on the subject.

The show shut down production Jan. 28 after Sheen went on an alleged drugs, booze and sex-with-porn-stars bender that landed him in the hospital. He subsequently opted for rehabilitation at home and has indicated that he is clean and sober.

Throughout the ordeal, Sheen has remained in the headlines, as details about his drug and sex escapades came to light and as Sheen himself remained in the limelight, sometimes making outrageous statements, including an endorsement of the use of illegal drugs like crack cocaine for those that “can manage it socially.”

Meanwhile, throughout the hiatus, with both repeats and original episodes, Two and a Half Men has continued to win its Monday night time period from 9 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Despite Sheen’s bad-boy antics, advertisers have remained with the show, largely ignoring the controversy surrounding it.