Google Revs Web Ad Play With DoubleClick

NEW YORK After receiving approval on Tuesday from the European Commission — clearing the final hurdle in its acquisition of DoubleClick — Google executives said that the company is set to become even more aggressive in the online display advertising business, despite its numerous forays in the space to date.

Google, which moved to buy the Web ad technology pioneer in April 2007 for $3.1 billion, had previously received approval from the Federal Trade Commission last December, leaving the EU as its final roadblock to completing the transaction. Word came early Tuesday that such approval had been granted.

During a previously scheduled press event in New York, Google executives said the new Google-DoubleClick combination would enable the search giant to make major strides in the display side of the online ad business, where it still trails portals like Yahoo and MSN, among others.

Until now, according to Penry Price, vp, advertising sales, North America, Google has only “dabbled in display” advertising. That