‘2012’ Gets Novel Promo Treatment

NEW YORK Sony Pictures is orchestrating an unprecedented preview ad campaign for 2012, the latest disaster film from Roland Emmerich.

Two minutes of the movie will air on almost every major North American network and cable channel on Oct. 1 between 10:50 and 11 p.m.

The movie sequence will air on ABC, NBC and CBS, 89 cable outlets, local stations and Spanish-language networks throughout the U.S.

The studio is projecting a reach of 110 million viewers and hoping to reach about 90 percent of all households watching commercial TV at that time. This “roadblock,” as the studio calls it, is costing about $4 million, according to sources. The delivery is about four times the audience of the Super Bowl, the most widely watched TV event each year, with the most coveted and expensive ad time (around $3 million for 30 seconds).

The two-minute scene will end in a cliffhanger, with audience watchers having the opportunity to see the conclusion on fanfast.com and Comcast on Demand.

Sony aims to replicate the roadblock in other countries at the end of October. The movie opens worldwide Nov. 13.

Nielsen Business Media