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Facebook Lets High-Rolling Brands See What Users Really Think in This Elite Program

Only top advertisers allowed

Facebook is giving select brands exclusive access to information gleaned from its 1.3 billion users, letting high-rolling advertisers find out what consumers really think based on comments and other telling…

4 Reactions to Twitter's Gnip Acquisition

Ad players weigh in

Twitter's decision to purchase long-time data partner Gnip will have far-reaching implications for social media marketers, per a snap poll of industry players today. Boulder, Colo.-based Gnip is one of a…

Helping Brands Manage Social in a New Way

‘It’s boom times for data and marketing’

Social media marketing is part science—and if there is a secret formula to creating content, then surely marketers equipped with the latest data tools will find it. Companies like Percolate, fresh…

You Probably Forgot That Old Tweet—but Advertisers Haven't

LocalResponse presses rewind on social ad targeting

Social advertisers are like goldfish, not elephants. Because social data is largely real time, it forces marketers to rely on their short-term memory. That’s fine for serving a Taco Bell…

Gnip Opens Up Entire Twitter Archive for First Time

Every tweet since 2006 now available to analytics firms

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet on March 21, 2006. While that tweet is freely available online, marketers and social analytics firms have been hard pressed in finding…