Ad of the Day: Weetabix

Everybody knows kids need a good breakfast to give them energy for the day ahead, right? According to Weetabix cereal, sometimes it's the parents who need a boost to keep up with their wild offspring.

Weetabix Dance Routine Will Rupture Your Stuffing

Get ready to pop, lock and blow up your pillows, because this new ad from British cereal brand Weetabix (and Bartle Bogle Hegarty in London) may be the strangest, most hypnotic thing you'll see this week.

Weetabix Gets the Whole Family Through Their Individual Hells

Miniature logs of soggy wheat for breakfast? Yum! This winning BBH London spot for Weetabix posits a game of oneupmanship among Dad, Mum, Junior and Baby over who has the biggest day ahead.