Ad of the Day: Weetabix

When parenting is this exhausting, you'd better fuel up

Everybody knows kids need a good breakfast to give them energy for the day ahead, right? According to Weetabix cereal, sometimes it's the parents who need a boost to keep up with their wild offspring.

Building on its "Fuel for Big Days" campaign—last summer's spot had a family arguing over who was embarking on the most stressful day—Weetabix and BBH London are once again having fun with the nuclear-family dynamic to show just how important a hearty breakfast can be. The latest spot features the typical "lone dad with his kid" situation. "Have fun!" says Mom, as she leaves her husband and son for the day. The boy, pouring milk over a bowl of Weetabix Golden Syrup, pushes the cereal across the table to his father, telling him solemnly, "You're gonna need it."

And need it he does, as Dad chases his son around the park, swims laps, and gets beaten up by soccer balls. "He looks shattered. You should look after him more often," the mother says as she returns home, presumably to her husband. "I will," chimes the son. (Is there anything cuter than a precocious kid with a British accent?)

While the concept of wheat patties drenched in milk—or "golden syrup," for that matter—might not seem especially appealing to a U.S. audience, Weetabix is a breakfast staple in the U.K. According to the brand, 1037 million bowls of the stuff are consumed every year. So, next time you reach for the Rice Krispies, remember that your British counterparts are happily consuming a bowl of flattened, cardboard-like logs as they gear up for their hectic schedule. It'll make you feel a lot better.


Client: Weetabix

Agency: BBH

Spot: "Dad's Day Out"

Senior Brand Manager: Hannah Blackburn

Marketing Director, Weetabix Food Co.: Sally Abbott

BBH Creative Directors: Dominic Goldman, David Kolbusz

BBH Copywriters: David Kolbusz, James Gillham

BBH Art Directors: Dominic Goldman, Graham Cappi

BBH Producer: Georgina Kent

BBH Team Director: Luke Algar

BBH Team Manager: Nicolas Jayr

BBH Strategy Directors: Jonathan Bottomley, Nina Rahmatallah

BBH Strategic Business Lead: Nick Stringer

Production Company: Moxie Pictures

Director: Frank Todaro

Producer: Charlotte Woodhead

Director of Photography: Fede Alfonzo  

Postproduction: Absolute

Editor, Editing House: Joe Guest, Final Cut

Sound: Aaron at Wave

Typographer: Dominic Grant at BBH

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