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The Story Behind ‘Instagram Husband,’ the Year’s Most Out-of-Nowhere Viral Hit

A week ago, Jeff Houghton was a local late-night TV personality in Springfield, Missouri. Today he's a viral video star.

Meet the L.A. Agency Behind Pornhub’s Hit TwerkingButt Video

The L.A. social media advertising agency Vendetta Studios was recently thrust onto the ad world's radar because of its work for a less than traditional client: Pornhub.

Top 10 Web Series Videos: Buzzfeed Imagines Disney Dating Disasters

Fairy tale relationships may seem perfect—after all, they're made for the movies.

Top 10 Web Series Videos: One Actor’s Heart-Stopping Pranks Scare Up Views

Halloween is more than a month away, but SA Wardega scored big on the viral charts this week by unleashing a mutant spider-dog on unsuspecting people.

With Nearly 3 Billion Views, the Enigmatic ‘DisneyCollector’ Fascinates Children on YouTube

This week's most viewed Web series video isn't a song, dance, skit or prank. It's a simple unboxing video of the Play Dough Sparkle set featuring the Disney Princesses, uploaded by none other than the secretive DisneyCollector.

YouTube Comedian Returns With Another Viral Gold Digger Prank

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, better known by his YouTube handle VitalyzdTV, is a notorious prankster known for absurd antics like streaking during the World Cup.

Samsung’s Secret to Viral Videos: Load Up on Celebrity Endorsements

Samsung grabbed three of this week’s top YouTube videos on the Adweek/VidIQ top 10 video chart, two of which center around celebrities and athletes to prove that the company does more than sell phones and tablets.

Fine Bros. Discover Kids Don’t Like Game Boys Anymore

There was a time that having a Game Boy meant you owned the coolest toy on the market. Today's kids, however, don't think it's worth writing home about.

George Washington, William Wallace Vie for Glory in Viral Rap Battle

The folks behind Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB) come up with purely hypothetical, ultimately ludicrous debates between famous figures and characters, and its latest episode is no exception.

Gillette’s Facial Hair Through the Ages a Viral Hit

Clean-shaven, bearded or mustashioed: Men have rocked it all with style and aplomb.