Tony Hsieh

Inspiring or Insulting? Lyft’s Unusual Offer to Small Shops in Its Review Gets Mixed Reaction

The ride-hailing service Lyft is offering a slot in its search for a lead creative agency to a small shop that can prove its worth. And some firms are responding with a smirk, a shrug and a "no, thanks."

Zappos Mocks Apple’s Super-Size iPhone 6 With ‘Mobile-Ready Pants’

As evidenced by Apple’s unveil of the long-awaited new iPhone today, smartphones keep getting bigger and bigger.

Zappos Chief Says Culture Key to Success

It’s hard to imagine corporate America adopting Zappos’ quirky culture, which asks its employees to be creative and adventurous and actually encourages interoffice dating. But executives who would reject the shoe and clothing e-tailer as a role model would be missing the point.