What Powers Creative Excellence at Cannes? Oftentimes, It’s Envy

If there's any common theme in the advertising business culture, it's envy. You only need to read a few comments deep on any advertising blog to feel the barely disguised glare of "invidere" (Latin for "to look with malice").

From Stage to Superhero: The Flash’s Grant Gustin Has Always Been on the Fast Track

It's the biggest show on the CW and on track to become the network's most-watched series ever. The Flash, it appears, really can outrun everything.

50-Foot Dead Parrot Drops Into London to Promote Monty Python Reunion

What's a Monty Python reunion without a dead parrot? And why settle for a simple prop you can bang on the counter when you could have a monstrous, 50-foot-tall dead parrot?

Outdoor Faucet Penises Promote Drag-Themed Play in Denver

Putting the wild in wild postings, Gyro's Denver office recently made clever use of outdoor faucets around town to promote the drag-themed theater show Drag Machine at the city's Off-Center theater. The play is about a group of drag queens who use a time machine to take the audience through a brief history of drag. The posters feature the actual cast members—though not, of course, the actual cast's members. Also, the faucets may not be anatomically correct. Two more posters below.

One Man’s Story of Making Some of the Worst Commercials Ever

Showing commercials during live theater—has it really come to that? For Todd Bieber, it most definitely has. The filmmaker is launching an advertising-themed one-man show at New York's Uptight Citizens Brigade Theatre, where he also serves as content and production director.

Musical Based on Craigslist Ads to Premiere in Vancouver

Craigslist ads have given voice to the pathetic and desperate over the years, and the same can be said for musical theater.

‘Jersey Shore’ Gets Wilde in Theater Company’s Ads

It's horrifying enough that Jersey Shore's jabronis turned authors have invaded the world of literature (sure, I'm using that term loosely), but now they're popping up on the Great White Way? Yes and no.

Lucy’s pink furry boobs doom ‘Avenue Q’ ad

Colorado Springs may be one of the biggest cities in Colorado, but it has some discomfiting small-town attitudes regarding Muppet cleavage. Specifically, an Avenue Q bus-stop poster featuring Lucy the […]

Cactus ads boil down classics of the theater

Prying people away from social media and computer games for live theater is tough. And these posters from Cactus for the Denver Center Theatre Company won't make it any easier. […]

Heads Off to This ‘Evil Dead the Musical’ Spot