Team USA

Who Is Kerri Walsh Jennings?

As a three-time Olympic gold medal winner, Kerri Walsh Jennings is one of Team USA's most seasoned athletes. But this year, in Rio, she's competing for the gold medal in beach volleyball with a new partner in April Ross.

Who Is Al Trautwig?

As the U.S. women's gymnastics team goes for gold in Rio (perhaps a lot of gold), the voice commenting on every planted dismount and points deduction along the way is that of NBC's Al Trautwig.

These Were the 10 Buzziest U.S. Athletes in the Olympics’ First Week

ListenFirst is looking into which Team USA Olympic athletes are generating the most social engagement on a weekly basis exclusively for Adweek.

NHL Network Preps Olympics Highlights Show

While the Winter Olympics has put the NHL’s 2013-14 campaign on ice for the next two weeks, the league’s in-house cable network hasn’t exactly been idle. In fact, beginning Feb.

NHL Stars to Suit Up for Winter Olympics

After much deliberation, the National Hockey League on Friday announced that it will be sending its players to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.