TurboTax Is Returning to the Super Bowl With More Comedy From Wieden + Kennedy

TurboTax aired a surprisingly entertaining ad on last year's Super Bowl, with Wieden + Kennedy and director Bryan Buckley teaming up for an amusing metaphor about how the game—for most fans—is like high-school prom. Now, client and agency are getting dolled up for a second date at the big dance.

H&R Block Has Spent Most of This Tax Season Making Fun of Hipsters

Mocking hipsters was cool until H&R Block started doing it. (Actually, it's probably been passé for a while now.

Tax Fears Remain a Fertile Ground for Marketers

Please be advised that, as of this column’s publication date, you have 19 days left before the federal income tax deadline. Failure to file returns on time constitutes tax evasion, as the IRS sees it, and is punishable by one year in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Tax Software Brands Are Battling Hard for Market Share

While never a particularly enjoyable time for consumers, tax season has become fascinating from a marketing perspective, as do-it-yourself software brands have made an aggressive play for customers of the big brick-and-mortar chains.

Be Careful What You Tweet, Pin or Check Into—Someone’s Watching

In April you may have tweeted how much you hate doing taxes. Sometime later you may have been browsing the Web and noticed ads for TurboTax popping up. That probably wasn't an accident.

10 Ads About Taxes to Watch Instead of Filing Yours

Tax Day is April 15, except this year it's not. This year it's April 17—because April 15 is a Sunday, and April 16 is Emancipation Day, a holiday, in the District of Columbia. So, you've got until Tuesday to file your taxes. But why do that when you can watch YouTube videos instead? To make yourself at least feel like you're doing something tax-related, check out the 10 tax-preparation commercials below—the most viral tax spots online, according to Unruly Media. You'll recognize the guys at No. 10. It's Rhett & Link doing their tax rap, which earned them third place in a TurboTax contest back in 2007—long before they became Commercial Kings on IFC.