How Qualcomm’s Content Play Grew Monthly by 70%

Like other major brands, Qualcomm has set out in the last 18 months to reach consumers through so-called content marketing (or "

StumbleUpon Gets Brand-Friendly Face-lift

Content discovery service StumbleUpon may be one of the biggest drivers of traffic on the Web, but the company's design and branding haven't kept pace with its growth, said CEO Garrett Camp.

Stumblers Out-Refer Facebookers

Facebook has been heralded as a great source of referral traffic. Twitter, too, is an easy way of getting out links to like-minded followers. However, the sites have been eclipsed by StumbleUpon as the main source of referral traffic from social media sites.

StumbleUpon Drives More U.S. Web Traffic Than Facebook

For over a year, the all-powerful Facebook has been the top social media site driving Web traffic in the U.S. But this past month, Facebook fell to second place, GigaOM reports.