Sporting Goods

Ad of the Day: Cabela’s

It doesn't take a lot of talking to appreciate the outdoors.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, Bing bashed Google for "Scroogling" your holiday shopping searches, StubHub's ticket tree mourned its piney and formerly ornamented cousin, and Expedia unleashed a rare commercial that will have you crying and smiling at the same time.

Is This Zombie Ad Too Violent for Prime-Time TV?

Norwegian sporting goods retailer XXL has agreed to stop running its new zombie-themed ad during family-oriented TV programs, a decision reached after a flurry of viewer complaints that the spot was inappropriate. The ad shows citizens of a small town banding together to fight zombies with soccer balls, hockey sticks, fishing poles and a bizarre array of other sporting goods.

SportChek gear helps you lose the silly walk

This campaign for Canadian retailer SportChek, from ad agency Bos and director Brian Lee Hughes, isn't so hot. It feels forced, and kind of derivative. But I dig the icy […]