Is This Zombie Ad Too Violent for Prime-Time TV?

Parents in Norway seem to think so

Norwegian sporting goods retailer XXL has agreed to stop running its new zombie-themed ad during family-oriented TV programs, a decision reached after a flurry of viewer complaints that the spot was inappropriate. The ad shows citizens of a small town banding together to fight zombies with soccer balls, hockey sticks, fishing poles and a bizarre array of other sporting goods. After the spot debuted last weekend, complaints came in swiftly on the brand's Facebook page, where one angry parent of a 9-year-old called it "stupid and provocative." Others criticized it as pointlessly violent. The ad clearly isn't scary, and it avoids most of the usual zombie ad cliches, so there's probably one of two forces at work here: Either Norwegians are the type of people who thought Army of Darkness was actually a horror movie, or (more likely) people are just getting sick of zombies. Via Huffington Post and With Leather.