Kids Playing This Devious Game in a Car Lose Points If Their Parents Speed for Real

Kids get bored in the backseat. But instead of suffering through an often fight-inducing game of "Slug Bug," or anesthetizing them with a tablet movie, what if you could teach them how to make you a better driver? We can tell you're into that. 

McCann Came Up With a Haircut That Fights Cancer in This Remarkable Campaign

Depression can run high among women who lose their hair during cancer treatment. As one survivor says in the video below, "All of a sudden, you're not you. You have a label: cancer." For most Romanians, wigs are prohibitively expensive, and there are no government subsidies to help. So, cancer charity Fundația Renașterea and McCann Bucharest developed a novel campaign to convince women to cut their hair and donate it for wig production.

This Automaker Turned Its Owner’s Manual Into a Beautiful Work of Prose, Poetry and Art

If your car manual were an entertaining work of fiction filled with pretty illustrations, you might be more inclined to read it.

KFC Offers Free Meals to Victims of Social Network Outages

It says something about the world that reporters consider it news to mention when Facebook or Twitter are down for more than a few minutes. With this in mind, KFC Romania and agency McCann came up with a clever idea: To defray global panic, KFC will offer free food to people whose social networks of choice are down.

A Ticket to This Music Festival in Transylvania Will Cost You Two Pints of Blood

To sell tickets to its inaugural event, the Transylvania-based Untold Music Festival is working the Dracula angle. In partnership with Romania's National Blood Transfusion Institute, it has launched "Pay With Blood," a campaign that lets you buy a day pass with plasma.

Whole New Ad Campaign Devoted to Reminding People That Bucharest Is Not Budapest

Bucharest is many things. But one thing it is certainly not is Budapest. That's because Bucharest is the capital of Romania, and Budapest is the capital of neighboring Hungary. You could easily confuse them, of course, which is why Romanian candy bar ROM is out to end the confusion once and for all—with a new ad campaign from McCann Bucharest and MRM Romania.