Tommy John Put Live Ferrets Inside Men’s Shirts for This Shockingly Squirmy Ad

Ad agency Preacher shoved live ferrets down actors' shirts for the latest Tommy John commercial. It did so to illustrate the indignities men often suffer owing to ill-fitting undershirts, and position the client's products as the solution.

Venmo Tries to Take the Awkwardness Out of Splitting the Bill With Friends

If you walk into any bar or restaurant swarmed with millennials these days, chances are you will hear a few people tell their friends, "Just Venmo me" while paying the bill as a way of saying, "I got it, but pay me back."

Here Are the 12 TV Shows We’re Most Excited to See in 2016

Hopefully you’ve been spending the holidays catching up on all the TV you missed this year—FX said a record 409 scripted series aired in 2015—because it’s almost time for the […]

Ad of the Day: Guys Would Look a Lot Less Perverted If They Just Had Better Underwear

Adjusting the packaging around your frank and beans is a timeless annoyance for men, some of whom handle the process subtly ... while others don't.

Here’s a Brief Tour of DC’s Television Universe

DC Entertainment has become a major force in the television world over the past few months thanks in large part to an aggressive slate at the CW, but there's more […]

How Many DC Comics Shows Are We Getting in the Next Couple of Years, Anyway?

There will be X-Men and Avengers constituents galore on the movie screens this summer, but there's only one Flash (well, actually there are at least four Flashes if you want to get technical about it).

AMC Is Definitely Developing ‘Preacher’

As reported, AMC and Sony Pictures TV have officially tapped Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to develop Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's controversial 1990's comic book series Preacher for AMC.

Did Preacher Finally Find a Home at AMC?

It's been a long way for Preacher from the comic book page to the small screen, but an adaptation of the salty DC Comics horror/Western book (formerly with DC's corporate sibling HBO) might finally be getting closer to full-fledged production, this time at AMC.