Piers Morgan

Martha Stewart Is a Hit at Cannes Thanks to Her Epic Tweets

Even for the famously oversubscribed Martha Stewart, this has turned out to be a crazy busy week.

Remember the Segway? Here’s Why It Never Quite Took Off

As the fastest man alive, with 17 gold Olympic and IAAF medals in his trophy case, Usain Bolt was a man who could not be toppled. That is, at least, until the sprinter met Song Tao. Bolt had just won the men's 200-meter final in Beijing.

Facetime: Clio Image Awards Honors Creativity, and Huffington Post Hosts 10-Year Anniversary Bash

The Clio Image Awards drew big crowds at New York’s Plaza Hotel, including Project Runway superstars Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. Across town, A+E Networks held its upfront presentation for […]

Piers Morgan Never Really Arrived on CNN and Now He’s Leaving

Piers Morgan's 9 p.m. show on CNN is ending, the host told the New York Times' David Carr.

Voices Carry: NBC Adds Another Hour of Reality Hit

In a bid to pull the throttle back on its prime-time ratings, NBC has carved out another hour for its hit competition series, The Voice.

AP: ‘News of the World’ Paid Spies at Rival Newspapers for Scoops

Considering the seriousness of the hacking allegations that have been leveled against News Corp. in recent months, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise to learn the News of the World was involved in various other unethical activities over the years.

Christine O’Donnell Tells Piers Morgan He’s Rude, Walks Off Set

Tea Party politician Christine O’Donnell walked off the set of Piers Morgan’s interview show on CNN yesterday.

CNN Chief Ken Jautz Says He’s Standing By Piers Morgan

The president of CNN's U.S. operations, Ken Jautz, says he’s standing by prime-time host Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan Hits Back at Heather Mills

CNN host Piers Morgan has gone on the attack in his denial of recent allegations by Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills, who claimed Wednesday that a journalist working for the Mirror Group hacked into her voicemail during the years in which Morgan was edito

Heather Mills Accuses Mirror Group of Hacking Her Voicemail

Heather Mills has alleged that a senior journalist from the U.K.’s Mirror Newspaper Group admitted that he hacked into her voicemail to listen to messages left by Paul McCartney, her boyfriend at the time.