Perlorian Brothers

Ads for Playboy Fragrances Have Plenty of Happy Endings, and a Few Weird Ones Too

One of the better Playboy ads of recent years was last year's "Elevator" spot from DDB Paris and directors The Perlorian Brothers. Here are two more ads done in the same style. The earlier spot sold shower gel for men; these are for Playboy's VIP fragrances for men and women. Playboy is at its best when it's not taking itself too seriously. That's (mostly) true here, plus there's the added bonus of a nice structure that keeps things lively. Credits below.

Canadian PSA Takes Aim at the Noxious Epidemic of Social Farting

"Just because I fart at parties now and then, it doesn't make me a farter." That's how I plan to begin my memoirs, and it's also a key line in the Ontario Ministry of Health's "Quit the Denial" campaign from BBDO Toronto, directed by the Perlorian Brothers. We meet a gassy lass who lets fly when partying with friends, dancing or chatting up guys. She asks one dude coquettishly, "Do you want to go outside for a fart?" (Where's this noxious angel been all my life?) She is, of course, in denial, just like people who claim to be "social smokers" and insist they're not addicts. (A companion spot features "social nibblers" who mooch food from other people's plates. But there's no farting in that one, so who cares?) It's a splendidly sophomoric approach and definitely diverting, though I wonder if it's ultimately too light and insubstantial, lacking substance—like, oh I don't know, a passing wind, perhaps? Besides, if there were no more smokers, who's going to add some spark to these farty parties by lighting a match?

Octo-Woman Gets Lucky in Loony Ad for New York Lottery

MJZ directors The Perlorian Brothers, last seen making snuggly footwear out of cats, are back with their latest crazy commercial—the New York Lottery spot below, celebrating the efficiency and apparent good luck of eight-armed women. The ad is for a game called Money Vault Multiplier—thus the multiples theme. Our freakish office-worker hero has multiple arms, multiple voices, and a way to multiply her money via the scratch game. The actress has a suitably insane look about her. Obviously her appendages aren't real, but her unhinged facial expressions? Hard to say—they could be real. Hey, you never know. Credits below.brightcove.createExperiences();

Keep Your Legs Warm With Temptations Cat Treats

Cats go mad for Temptations cat treats—perhaps a bit too mad, judging by this new commercial for the Whiskas brand from DDB Chicago and directors the Perlorian Brothers. Not only will Temptations make your pets happy—you will end up with some comfy Ugg-like footwear in the process.