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The Online Industry Is Losing $8 Billion a Year, and Ad Blocking Is the Least of Its Worries

Ad blocking is costing the industry $781 million a year—yet makes up only a sliver of the total $8.2 billion lost to major problem areas including bot traffic and content piracy.

Lawmakers Pressure Advertising Community to Stop Ad-Supported Rogue Sites

Some lawmakers are growing impatient with the advertising community, which they believe hasn't done enough to stop ads from appearing on sites that steal copyrighted material.

Who Should Be Blamed for Facilitating Online Piracy?

Are search engines really to blame for facilitating pirated movies and other media?The debate began anew this morning with data generated by, a new website from the Mercatus Center, which points a finger at content distributors for not giving fans legal online options.

Is Google Doing Enough to Combat Web Piracy?

Search engines, especially Google, are likely to feel the heat later today when a House subcommittee holds a hearing reviewing the voluntary efforts by the Internet ecosystem to combat Internet piracy.

Study: Internet Piracy Is ‘Tenacious and Persistent’

Despite the best efforts of Internet service providers, advertisers and ad networks to stop copyright infringement on the Internet, piracy is still a runaway train.

Google Positions Itself as a Leader in Fighting Web Piracy

Google is going all-out to change any perception that it is soft on copyright infringement. In a new 25-page report released Tuesday, Google took great pains to describe its anti-piracy solutions and provide statistics quantifying its results.

White House Copyright Czar Steps Down

Victoria Espinel, the nation's first copyright czar, stepped down from her role four years after she was confirmed as the U.S. intellectual property enforcement coordinator. Her last day was Friday.

Washington Insider Named New NBCU Counsel

Washington, D.C. insider Kimberley Harris was named evp and general counsel for NBCUniversal, freeing up Rick Cotton to concentrate on anti-piracy policy and advocacy as senior counselor for IP protection.

Ad Nets Adopt Best Practices to Stop Online Piracy

Google, Yahoo and six of the nation's largest ad networks have committed to a set of best practices aimed at stopping online piracy and counterfeiting by cutting off the flow of ad revenue to rogue sites.

White House Pushes More Voluntary Actions to Protect IP

The White House intends to reach out to search engines, data storage services, and domain-name registrars to adopt a set of best practices for protecting U.S. intellectual property.The action item was one of many outlined in the Administration's 98-page annual report on IP enforcement.