Marla Kaplowitz

MEC Will Interview and Hire People on the Same Day During Advertising Week

MEC is aiming to bring home more than just ideas from this year's Advertising Week—the agency is also hoping to come away with several new employees.

Epic Wave of Media Reviews Comes at a Crucial Time for Media Buying

The seemingly endless fire hose of media reviews—20 in the past six months, representing some $17.3 billion in annual media spending—could not have come at a worse time.

General Electric, Marriott and Condé Nast Weigh In on Digital Storytelling

As social media channels continue to grow, with mobile feeds dominating storytelling, brands like General Electric, Marriott and Condé Nast have had to work out the best way to position themselves on social platforms. 

Chevy and AT&T Need Help Understanding All Their Data

Among marketing chiefs, it's a familiar refrain: We're awash in data about consumers and our products, but what does it all mean?

To Make Your Clients Happy, Cultivate Happy Employees

I’ve always believed that happy people have the ability to achieve extraordinary things.

12 Conversations About the Past, Present and Future of Advertising