London 2012

iPhone Ads Beating Samsung Galaxy III Spots

All those Samsung Galaxy S III ads still haven’t pushed the iPhone off its tech throne, according to Ace Metrix’s Brand of the Year Watch List

Nine Very Olympic Ads for the 2012 London Games

Nine Very Olympic Ads for the 2012 London Games

Olympic ads tend to play on the same obvious tropes: Anticipation, adversity, cheering crowds, teamwork, nationalism—not to mention, you know, sports.

The Real Battle for Olympic™ Gold

Nick Symmonds is flashing his deltoid like a well-aimed middle finger at the Olympics sponsorship system this year.

Visa Spreads Good Cheer in London 2012 Campaign

Visa's campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day in Los Angeles for this summer's Olympic Games is based on the insight that fans like to cheer for athletes at sporting events. Boy, the focus group that dug up that nugget was gold-medal material! All snark aside, the competitors in London richly deserve praise. Many have inspiring stories and overcame incredible adversity. That's why I applaud the central idea of the campaign, which harnesses a Facebook app and other social platforms to let fans record audio, video or text cheers for more than 60 (Visa-sponsored) athletes. I uploaded a simple "yay" for Michael Phelps that I'm sure will spark his spirits and get him smokin'. (When I'm convinced he's ditched those ghastly Subway ads forever, I'll stop with the pot jokes.) We're also informed that our cheers could be used in one of Visa's Olympics ads, which brings me to my specific criticism of the campaign: It feeds into the over-commercialization of the event in a way that doesn't match the gravitas of the Games themselves. Prompting folks to do what should come spontaneously and providing an ad-based "reward" seems tacky and small. Ditto the "Join our global cheer" line, which sounds like a pitch for laundry detergent. There's also the irony of Visa getting social with the Olympics while organizers have misguidedly banned fans from posting and sharing photos from the Games. Only official sponsors are allowed to do so, which is understandably generating more boos than cheers. Check out some of the TV work, voiced by Morgan Freeman, below.

Argentina Angers Britain With Falklands-Themed Olympics Ad

There's nothing like a little gratuitously aggressive nationalism to build drama and suspense ahead of the Olympic Games. Argentina is providing just that with a new commercial starring Fernando Zylberberg, a star field-hockey player, training for London 2012 on the Falkland Islands—a self-governing British territory that the two countries have fought over forever.