Argentina Angers Britain With Falklands-Themed Olympics Ad

Fernando Zylberberg trains on the islands

There's nothing like a little gratuitously aggressive nationalism to build drama and suspense ahead of the Olympic Games. Argentina is providing just that with a new commercial starring Fernando Zylberberg, a star field-hockey player, training for London 2012 on the Falkland Islands—a self-governing British territory that the two countries have fought over forever. "To compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil," says the on-screen copy—as Zylberberg is seen running, exercising and even climbing over a British World War I memorial. The spot ends with the copy: "In homage to the fallen soldiers and war veterans." A spokeswoman for Britain's Foreign Office says: "The Olympics is about sport and not politics. We are also dismayed at the insensitivity and disrespect demonstrated by the filmmakers in their use of a war memorial in the Falklands as a prop." Zylberberg should receive an interesting reception when he arrives in London for the Games. UPDATE: The spot was produced by Y&R, and WPP Group CEO Martin Sorrell has apologized for it. "The ad is totally, and I mean totally, unacceptable," he told the Daily Telegraph. "The agency has formally apologized for any offense or pain caused. We are appalled and embarrassed by it."