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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s Old TV Commercials Are Amazing

Bryan Cranston, the DEA's No. 1 pain in the ass during his iconic run as meth kingpin Walter White on AMC's Breaking Bad, has been getting some press lately for his early-'80s work in the commercial below for Preparation H (a product that basically defined the Reagan Era).

Wrigley Rolls Out Caffeinated Gum ‘Alert’

Wrigley is entering the energy gum market with its new Alert Energy Caffeine Gum brand, targeting 25-to-49-year-olds who, per the company, "want a portable product that lets them control their caffeine intake."

Wrigley’s ‘Serenading Unicorn’ covers Devo

As if the bizarre dude-ranch-themed music video for Devo’s “Whip It” weren’t absurd enough to begin with, agency EVB covers the classic in the latest edition of its “Serenading Unicorn” […]