Jersey Shore

How the Creator of Jersey Shore Ended Up Working for CNBC

If Mark Burnett is the king of reality TV, then SallyAnn Salsano is certainly its queen.

Viacom’s Downturns Have Gotten So Predictable They’re an Easy Buck for Investors

As usual, Viacom is doomed.

DirecTV Dispute, Programming Weaknesses Dog Viacom in Q3

It looks like the third-quarter ratings verdict is in at Viacom, and it's not pretty.

Tweet My TV Show

Used to be, television viewing was a passive experience. Today, the vast majority of smartphone and tablet owners are tapping away on their devices as they watch TV—creating more opportunities for the shows to drive engagement and for their advertisers to get consumers’ attention.

The End of ‘Jersey Shore’ Approacheth

All you people looking to watch attractive people doing inadvisable things on television, look out. You will have slightly fewer options in 2013. MTV's Jersey Shore has gone from a breakout hit to a dependable ratings earner, but after a ratings decline in its most recent go-round, its sixth season will be its last, according to the network.

MTV’s Upfront Features New Comedies, Alicia Keys

"This is where Justin Bieber got his start," MTV's on-air personality Sway Calloway reminded the audience at the network's upfront presentation on Thursday evening.

Broadcast’s Graveyard Shift

From 1981 to 2009, NBC aired just three series in the Thursday 10 p.m. time slot: Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law and ER. Celebrated by critics and viewers alike, these were canonical dramas, series that represented network TV at its very best.

Bang Bang Pow Pow: TBS Wins Quarterly Ratings Race

Mad Men may be the ultimate critical darling and The Walking Dead a relentless devourer of GRPs, but the most transformative show on basic cable is actually a broadcast hand-me-down.

First Mover: Matt Zoller Seitz

Have you been surprised at any of the comments you’ve gotten about what you’ve written so far?

Gang-Tackling TV’s Ratings Roster

Television is a football-delivery mechanism that occasionally transmits the odd episode of NCIS, so it should come as no surprise that National Football League and college games accounted for the biggest ratings of 2011.