Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Climbs In for Vanguard’s Third Fun, Furious Stop-Motion Toy Car Chase

IDEA: Vanguard Pictures won plenty of fans with its first two, unbranded Nitro Warriors films—see them here and here—exquisitely made stop-motion shorts that showed toy cars in wond

Meet the Agency That Dreamed Up Life-Size Hot Wheels

It’s not often that advertisers get to break world records. But when Mistress Creative, a boutique agency based in Los Angeles, was tasked with helping Mattel’s Hot Wheels reach a new demographic, the team members minds went immediately to stunts.Big ones.

Hot Wheels Rolls a Life-Size Darth Vader Car Into Comic-Con

To promote its new line of Star Wars-themed character cars and die-cast ships, Hot Wheels showed up at San Diego Comic-Con this week with a life-size Darth Vader car.

Hot Wheels Truck Drives Through Amber Waves of Carpet in Great Ogilvy Ad

Hot Wheels has done a lot of cool advertising lately, but you have to love the wonderful simplicity and craft of this new poster from Ogilvy & Mather in Mumbai for the toy carmaker's Safari series. It was written and art directed by Pramod Chavan. Credits below.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Ad of the Day: Hot Wheels

How much Hot Wheels fantasy can you stand?

Red Bull’s College Marketing Whiz Strikes Out on His Own

After seven years working for Red Bull, and some two leading North American efforts on the brand’s much vaunted college marketing program, Mike Poznansky is striking out this week to start his own agency, Neato.

Hot Wheels Rolls Out Twitter-Enhanced Vending Machine

Walmart and Toys R Us shoppers may soon marvel at Twitter-enhanced vending machines for Hot Wheels after the car toy brand t

YouTube’s 20 Most Watched Ads of 2012

Nike, Pepsi and Volkswagen, three global marketers that are old pros at creating blockbuster video content, produced the three most-watched commercials on YouTube this year, according to the video site's 2012 Ads Leaderboard—a list of top branded spots with at least as many organic views as paid views throughout the year.

Hot Wheels Packages Real Cars Like Toys in Parking Lots

Hot Wheels came up with this idea for a great public stunt—assembling giant Hot Wheels boxes around people's cars in parking lots and letting them take pictures of them when they came out of the stores. Not sure if they cleared this with the owners first or just did it on the sly (well, as sly as something this conspicuous can be).