Henry Blodget

Business Insider Has Ambitious Paid Content Plans

Business Insider is known for its clicky mix of business and gossip content, delivered in the form of rapid-fire posts, slideshows and videos. In six years' time, Henry Blodget has put BI at the front in the traffic race with established brands like CNN Money and Forbes Digital.

Arianna Huffington Talks International Expansion

The Huffington Post has been on a whirlwind of international expansion. Today, 40 percent of its audience comes from outside the U.S., and according to its namesake president and editor in chief, more than half of the world’s GDP has its own HuffPost.

Business Insider CEO Says Today’s ‘Golden Age’ for Journalism Is Also Good for Advertisers

Henry Blodget is more than optimistic about the current state of the media industry. In fact, the Business Insider CEO and editor in chief believes the rise of digital media has created a "golden age" for journalism.

Business Insider Chief Technology Officer Ousted Over Crude Tweets

Take this as a reminder to think before you tweet. 

Top Digital Publishers Praise Yahoo’s Tumblr Deal

Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr has dominated the tech headlines this week, so it should come as no surprise that a panel of Web publishing luminaries discussing the future of media on Thursday weighed in on the portal's recent mega purchase.

Business Insider’s Slideshows Are Now Ads, Too

Business Insider has become known all-too-well for making its site sticky with a constant procession of topical or newsy slideshows.

Facebook’s Headaches Continue to Pile Up With Lawsuits, Allegations

The hits just keep coming for Facebook. After weeks of speculation and media frenzy leading up to its historic IPO, it looks as though the controversy surrounding the social network won't end quickly.