Guitar Hero

Stephen Curry and Shaq Have Cameos in Guitar Hero Live’s Crowdsourced Lip-Sync Ad

Pop music's newest supergroup features hoop icons Shaquille O'Neal and Stephen Curry, sports broadcaster Erin Andrews, Vine star King Bach … and you. 

James Franco and Lenny Kravitz Try Not to Suck at Guitar Hero Live in New Ad

One of the key features of the upcoming Guitar Hero Live is the real-time reaction of a live-action crowd, who'll tell you pretty quickly if you suck at lead guitar. And both Lenny Kravitz and James Franco don't exactly rip it up—at least in the early scenes—in this new commercial for the Activision game from 72andSunny.

Ad of the Day: Guitar Hero Live’s Crazy Trailer Puts You on Stage in Front of a Real Crowd

Guitar Hero Live isn't a virtual reality experience, but in terms of immersion, it's the next best thing, according to the just-released game trailer from 72andSunny.

Obama Taps Video Games for Early Voting

How crucial are the swing states in the presidential race? So crucial that President Obama is once again taking the chase for votes to the virtual battlegrounds of the video game world.

McCann’s gamers highly stimulated by Xbox

The dude's enraptured look toward the end of this U.K. spot (posted below) by McCann Erickson for the Xbox 360 is, to cop a phrase from another McCann campaign, priceless. […]

Doritos wants all losers to play ‘Guitar Hero’

AMV BBDO in London tells the sad-sack story of would-be rock star "Alan" in this amusing four-minute-plus music video for Doritos, pushing the brand's tie-in with Guitar Hero in the […]

Playmates give Hefner a ‘Guitar Hero’ show

Here's the new Guitar Hero 5 spot from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, in which 10 Playmates put on an air-guitar show for Hugh Hefner in the Playboy Mansion. "What? I […]

Kurt Cobain back on stage in ‘Guitar Hero 5’

Fred Astaire danced with one Dirt Devil, and before you knew it, marketing folks were reanimating corpses faster that you could say "Herbert West." Now, it's Gen X's turn to […]

Hoops coaches strip for a ‘Guitar Hero’ spot

Here's the new Guitar Hero commercial with college-basketball coaching legends Bob Knight, Rick Pitino, Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski yukking it up with Metallica. As Guitar Hero's Risky Business ads […]

Everyday bike heroes get in Droga5’s face

Droga5 really did its job with the Guitar Hero World Tour bike video, as the dorks are now crawling out of the woodwork. Not in adulation or in awe, but […]