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Supreme Court Rejects Google’s Appeal

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Adidas’ New World Cup Ads Make Use of Trivia and Maps

Adidas’ "Desafio Tudo ou Nada" campaign ("Challenge All or Nothing") launching Thursday will test out a few new types of digital ads from Google. The World Cup sponsor relied on the help of Lew Lara/TBWA and in developing Web, mobile and video ads to support a microsite that doles out daily trivia questions and prizes to sports fans.

Man Killed and Stuffed Down Toilet at Ad Agency, Google Photos Suggest

Google Business Photos is an interesting service through which companies can pay to add interior shots of their offices to Google Street View. The temptation to abuse the service by posting goofy or shocking photos would seem to be irresistible to creative agencies—and indeed, many of them have apparently been uploading prank images. The most curious so far have come from British agency Ideas by Music, which staged a gruesome shower-stall murder for one photo—and then showed the body stuffed unceremoniously into a toilet stall a few doors down. The same agency also staged a Shining tribute by putting a red tricycle in the middle of a hallway, and a mysterious girl standing nearby. Ideas by Music doesn't mind if you stumble across these disconcerting images—on the contrary, the agency's website is the Google Street View of its interior. Let's see if some U.S. agencies can step up and have some fun with this. Via The Atlantic.