Food and Beverage

Jamba Juice Goes Green

Jamba Juice has decided to jump with both feet into the business of green juices, blended mixtures of whole vegetables such as kale, cucumber and beets. Starting this month, the company is expanding its menu to include veggie juices in most of its U.S. stores and launched an online dancing contest to get the word out.

Supreme Court Says Pom Can Sue Coca-Cola Over Juice Label

The Supreme Court has given Pom Wonderful the go-ahead to sue Coca-Cola in a case expected to have significant ramifications for the food and beverage industry, in terms of how foods are named and labeled.

Ad of the Day: Honey Maid Celebrates Single Dads, Gay Dads, Punk Dads and More

Ever since Cheerios struck unexpected marketing gold with its subtle ad about an interracial family, brands seem to have woken to the realization that inclusiveness can be a good thing. Or even a great thing.

Anheuser-Busch Is the Super Bowl’s Top Sponsor

The King of Beers also rules the Super Bowl.