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Why Purina Went Digital-First With Its Grammy TV Commercial

When Purina decided to air a TV commercial during last week's Grammy Awards, the brand leaned on data from a buzzy digital spot that debuted last year.

Vampires Top the Hottest 10 Web Series on YouTube

Twilight may be beloved by adolescents, but the majority of us cringe at its jilted, painfully awkward dialogue.

Cats React to Viral Videos in Surreal Friskies-Branded Spoof

Forget about kids and teens, how to do cats feel about watching other felines online?

The Fine Bros. Look to Turn Freaks and Geeks Into Interactive Game

The Fine Bros., the popular YouTube duo Benny and Rafi Fine, are breathing new life into the cult classic TV show Freaks and Geeks—as an interactive, animated, 8-bit game.The game's storyline, which roughly follows the show's plot, is built out over 15 videos (13 minutes of animation in all). Here's how the gameplay works: viewers—or rather, players?—can go off in different directions using YouTube's "annotations," an in-video linking tool that in this case redirects viewers to other videos. Think "choose your own adventure" applied to Web video.

YouTube Vets Rule Comedy Week

Last week YouTube hosted its first Comedy Week, an experimental programming stunt of sorts. And while it's hard to say if there were any smash hits, the platform proved to be a hotbed of unique comedy talent with huge followings. And perhaps not surprisingly, it was the veteran YouTubers who scored the biggest view numbers. Ryan Higa, the Fine Bros. and Lonely Island all cracked the top ten (though Sarah Silverman closed strong). And watch out for ConvosWith2YrOld, a new entry that generated nearly 3 million views in just a week.Here's the full list of leaders, courtesy of Visible Measures.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ryan Higa Win YouTube Comedy Week—Maybe

Did YouTube's Comedy Week, the company's attempt at a sweeps-like stunt aimed at exciting consumers and advertisers, work? It's hard to say. There weren't any runaway breakouts, at least according to the available data.

YouTube Sitcom Will See Year Two

Here’s an original scripted series born out of YouTube’s 100 funded channel initiative that is coming back for Round 2. And format wise, it’s a lot more traditional than you might expect.