H&R Block and Jon Hamm Want to Simplify Your Tax Returns Next Year

This week Jon Hamm made his first appearance as a brand spokesman in a new campaign for tax preparation company H&R Block. Contrary to at least one report, the brand says the new spots were not made in response to comments from a certain president-elect.

Worried About the Results of the Election? This Ad Agency Is Super Close to Canada and Hiring

Dearest advertising folk, if you're looking for a way to escape the country if your candidate doesn't win the upcoming election, Fallon has a pretty irresistible offer for you.

Ad of the Day: Campy Humor Holds Loctite’s Latest Spots Together

Loctite really put a lot of itself into these new commercials. In fact, the company's adhesive and insulation products were used to build the long, continuous sets that give the 30-second spots their unique visual identity.

Slip Into a Blanket Fort of Chocolate Walnut Absurdity In This Strange Nutchello Ad

When this Nutchello ad popped up in my feed, it melted my brain into a delicious puddle of chocolate pouring onto a gold cougar statue. You know, in a good way. The ad, from Fallon, throws one quirky headline after another at you while you stare at giant type superimposed over impressively weird CGI. You are assailed by alternately relaxing and terrifying images.

Fallon Builds Its Next Generation of Leaders With 2 Digital-Savvy Hires

Fallon Worldwide is expanding its management team with two young, digitally savvy hires—Mandana Mellano is now chief media officer, and Matt Benka is director of digital.

Quicken Loans Wants to Save the Entire U.S. Economy in Its First Super Bowl Ad

Quicken Loans' Rocket Mortgage app doesn't just simplify the home financing process. It can start a chain reaction that could brighten the prospects of the entire American economy, according to the online mortgage lender's first-ever Super Bowl commercial, which rolled out Wednesday. 

The Ads That Rekindled America’s Craving for Arby’s

About two years ago, Arby's decided it was ready to try something new. The fast food chain was too far below the radar in a highly competitive field that often requires bold branding.

How Arby’s Turned Its Brand Around After Years With an Identity Crisis

Arby's brand president and marketing boss Rob Lynch realized shortly after joining the fast-food chain famous for those stacked-to-the-ceiling roast beef sandwiches that he had his work cut out for him.

Fallon Just Won Lead Creative Duties for These Popular Milk Brands

WhiteWave Foods has tapped Fallon to lead creative work for milk brands Silk, International Delight and Horizon Organic.

More Than 40 Twin Cities Agencies Just Placed This Tribute Ad to the Late Pat Fallon

The legacy of Pat Fallon in Minneapolis cannot be overstated. The founder and longtime CEO of Fallon, who died last Friday at age 70, almost singlehandedly turned Minneapolis into a nationally respected creative hub. He personally helped to launch the careers of hundreds of advertising people. And his agency's work helped to transform the industry.