Worried About the Results of the Election? This Ad Agency Is Super Close to Canada and Hiring

Fallon's hilarious recruitment video and escape plan

Dearest advertising folk, if you're looking for a way to escape the country if your candidate doesn't win the upcoming election, Fallon has a pretty irresistible offer for you.

In a hilarious new video from the Minneapolis-based agency, Fallon creative director Charlie Wolff suggested, "If things don't go your way on Tuesday, consider Fallon of Minneapolis." He argues because of the agency's proximity to Canada, it's the perfect place to work in case a certain candidate wins the election and you need to leave the country before any walls go up. Oh, and by the way, Fallon is hiring, so now is your chance to head north before it's too late!

Our tour guide, who seems to be caught daydreaming about what his life would be like if he lived in "safe, politically stable Canada," takes you on a quick tour around the space, which comes with a great open floor plan that's perfect for "collaboration, conversation or unobstructed access to the four main exits in case you need to leave the country in a hurry."

The office also comes equipped with highly nutritious fruit water—you know to prevent any illnesses like scurvy if you'll be making a late night trek across the border—and all the other important things an agency needs. Plus, it's one of the closest shops to Canada, according to the team.

The creative team at Fallon was inspired to create the project, which took about a week from start to finish, to hopefully inject a bit of humor into the last few days of an extremely intense election and maybe hire some awesome new talent in the process.