Facebook Likes

Ben & Jerry’s Is Early Winner in Instagram Ad Race

Instagrammers scream for ice cream, in a good way. Ben and Jerry are getting the hang of Instagram ads, demonstrating that not every sponsored photo is an unwelcome intrusion.

Facebook: Discussions With FTC About Recent Policy Changes Routine

Facebook is talking with the Federal Trade Commission about its recent changes to its data-use policy. But the social network insists that the discussions are "routine" and that the controversial changes explaining how it uses consumer data in its ads aren't really changes at all, but merely "updates."

Privacy Groups Charge Facebook Policy Changes Violate FTC Order

Facebook is in the privacy crosshairs again, this time over proposed changes to its data-use policy. Charging that the changes violate Facebook's 2011 consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission, a group of privacy and consumer organizations are calling on the agency to take action.

Facebook Settles Class Action Lawsuit Over Sponsored Stories

Facebook has finally settled a class action lawsuit over the way it shared "likes" of advertisers in sponsored stories without getting users' permission.In an order filed yesterday in San Francisco's U.S. District Court for the northern district of California, Facebook will shell out $20 million to compensate members of the class action suit.

Facebook Giving Some Brands a Sneak Peek at Fans’ Other Likes

Most brands only have a basic understanding of who their Facebook fans are. They can see gender, age and location breakdowns through Facebook’s Insights tool, but they’re hard-pressed to find out much else, particularly their other interests. Coca-Cola knows its fans like the soda brand, but what about the TV show it sponsors, American Idol?